The Portsmouth Conference gathers leading international thinkers representing multiple perspectives to consider major public policy issues in civil and open dialogue, before an audience of opinion and decision leaders.

The Portsmouth Conference neither represents nor advocates any position; it is informed by its commitment—Learn, Discuss, Engage—and it is hosted by the two-hundred thousand member Citizens Count, a well-established, non-partisan public information platform.

Conferences will explore public policy choices and their payoffs and trade-offs. The Portsmouth Conference accepts no advocacy sponsorships.

The Portsmouth Conference is hosted by Citizens Count; you can learn more about this non-profit, non-partisan educational resource here.

Questions? Comments?
Contact us at 603.929.2255 or info@theportsmouthconference.org

Who Should Attend?

  • Thought Leaders, Policy Makers and Strategists
  • Decision makers responsible for policies, taxes, and investments
  • Public Policy Officials, CEOs, CFOs, Fund Managers, International Public Policy Scholars, Think Tank and Institute Leaders, Endowment Managers, Sustainability Directors, Economists, and International Relations Academics
  • Does your organization’s future rely upon you? You will be glad to understand the opportunities, payoffs and risks from climate policy choices.

Why Attend?

  • Globally, a trillion-dollar flow, directly related to climate policy choices
  • Layers of understanding—unavailable elsewhere—that will directly and significantly affect your decisions and have an impact now, and many decades into the future
  • A can’t miss opportunity for unique knowledge and policy considerations, that now touch every organizational vision and decision

Graduate Student Scholarships

The Portsmouth Conference is offering thirty graduate student scholarships, believing that the future will be guided by the next generation of leaders and desiring their participation.

Ready to Attend?